Space Cowboy design

A Space Cowboy, traversing through unknown land. If you look closely in the helmet reflection there is a subtle tribute to Melton, (where I have grown up). Some say he is a one legged cowboy, some even call him Maurice, others say he is on his way to steal a commodore, I'll leave that up to you to decide. 


Space Cowboy style t-shirt with the enlarged design on the back of the tee. 

Classic logo centered on the front for white & snow marle tees.

Classic navy logo centered on the front for black tees. 


Available in a White, Snow Marle or Black tee

100% Combed Cotton- White & Black (all sizes), Snow Marle (small)

99% Combed Cotton, 1% Viscose- Snow Marle (medium, large & extra large)


Relaxed fit 

Crew neck

185 GSM

Space Cowboy (back)

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