Hey there, we're Peggles!

We design and create unisex graphic tees from Melbourne with unique and original designs that tell a story.

Where did the name come from? Well, back in high school, my friends and I made nicknames for each other for a bit of a laugh (as you do). We were Steggles, Leggles and Peggles. Somehow my name stuck and that friend still calls me Peggles today.

Clothing is a way to share a bit of who you are with the world and I'm a big advocate for ones that spark a conversation, a story or a bit of a laugh. I am always in search of t-shirts that aren't generic, something that I can connect with or is even a little interesting.

Too many times I have failed to find designs that I really connect with and think they are worth wearing, so I decided to create my own. My semi-realistic designs are heavily inspired from my own photos and stories which have sparked from trips around the world or even childhood memories.

We do all the design and press the transfers in house, so each t-shirt is made to order by me. In an attempt to translate my stories into art, I want to share these creations with you and I hope you find some designs you can also connect with and be proud to wear.             


I am the CEO and founder of Peggles. I feel like I've already done all the hard yards setting the business up, so my current role is just to relax and let my other two employees run the company. 


Designer & Product Creator

All the designs are created by me and I also sew the labels on the tee and heat press the transfers upon order. Inspiration comes from photos I've taken, memories that have stuck with me over the years and things that make me laugh. 


Marketing & Sales Director

I'm in charge of social media, web design and monitoring Peggles' sales. I'm also responsible for packing the orders and sending them out to customers.